Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caution: The Summer Months Are Here–Africanized Honeybees Will Be More Aggressive!


When the temperatures start rising into the 100’s, expect new and established Africanized honeybee colonies to become more aggressive.  Heat becomes a major problem for them. They will cast many more foraging bees to gather and bring back water than they would ordinarily do for pollen and nectar foraging. They may work hard to bring back as much as a gallon of water and hour just to fan and cool their honey comb to support brood development and keep their honeycomb and honey stores from melting down.

Unfortunately, this will cause a state of agitation and anxiety in the colony. With more bees out, and a greater amount of guard bees set out for defense, bad things are more likely to happen if the colony is disturbed.

Please be advised that this is when many stinging attacks may occur. If you know of an established colony nearby, or if you have one that you have co-existed with that you think is not Africanized because they have never bothered you before, this is the time to be cautious around them. Let’s not get anybody hurt in Arizona, or anyone else in the desert southwest this year!